Republic TV Said, Our AVP Was Beaten By The Mumbai Police

Republic TV said, our Assistant Vice President was beaten by the police.

Republic TV Network has said that its Assistant Vice President Ghanshyam Singh, who was out on bail on December 5 from the court in the Television Rating Point (TRP) case, was beaten up by Mumbai Police during interrogation.

Republic Media Network has submitted an interim application before the Bombay High Court. In it, he has said that Ghanshyam was beaten with a belt by the Mumbai Police during his custody. He was arrested on 10 November.

Already plans were made to harass

It has been said in the application that during interrogation, the police were heard in Marathi language saying, ‘Beat him, beat him, kill him.’

This shows that they were planned in advance to harass them. All this was done at the behest of top officials of the police department.

Through the application, the court has been told that Ghanshyam was later taken to another room, where he was surrounded by police officers.

Police officials said, ‘You will not believe like this, Now tell me, you paid money, you met them. During this time, they were taking the name of someone whom Ghanshyam did not know.

Gujarat Fire News: The fire at the chemical factory in Vatva, Ahmedabad is under control, no casualties

A fire broke out in a chemical factory at Vatva, Ahmedabad in Gujarat late on Tuesday, 20 fire vehicles are engaged in extinguishing the fire as soon as the fire was reported.

According to Ahmedabad Chief Fire Officer Rajesh Bhatt, the fire started late Tuesday around 1:00 pm. Fire vehicles had reached there as soon as the fire was reported, now control of the fire has been found.

There is no report of any casualty in this incident. The cause of the fire has not been known yet, it is estimated that the fire may have occurred due to the leaking of the chemical.

Fierce fire in a chemical factory in Vapi area

Due to a large number of chemical factories in Gujarat, frequent fire incidents occur. In the recent past, there was a huge fire in the chemical factory in the Vapi area of ​​Gujarat.

Eight fire engines reached the spot as soon as the fire was reported. At the time, people were working in the factory that caught fire. As soon as information was received about the fire, the people working inside were first evacuated.

Actually, the fire was spreading rapidly due to being a chemical substance. The surrounding areas were evacuated while the fire was seen spreading. The flames were so strong that black smoke was seen all over the sky.

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