Russia’s Official Occupation Of Four Areas Of Ukraine

Russia’s official occupation of four areas of Ukraine, Putin signed the law.

Eventually, Russia captured four cities in Ukraine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed the official document for this today.

These documents refer to international law that would recognize Russia’s occupation of Ukrainian territories. These papers were published on the official website of Russia on Wednesday morning.

Suicide drones are being used.

Russia’s use of suicide drones has increased, which has become a new challenge for Ukraine. Iran-made drones continued to strike in the southern part of the country.

These attacks took place near the capital Kyiv. In a later post, Kuleba reported that Russia shot down a total of 136 drones in one of Kyiv’s large areas. One person was injured in these attacks.

Dozens of relief workers were on the spot and were engaged in dousing the fire for hours after the attack. Ukraine’s military is doing better in the south.

Russia’s official occupation of four areas of Ukraine: Most of the Ukrainian territory was left by the Russian occupation.

Kyiv’s military said on Wednesday that they had recaptured most of the villages in the Kherson region from Russian occupation.

The Operational Command of the South stated that the flag of Ukraine was Liubymivka, Khreschenivka, Zolota Balka, Biliaivka, Ukraineka (Ukrainka), Velika (Velyka), and Mala Oleksandrivka.

Russia Ukraine War: Pakistan is trapped in the Russia-Ukraine war, sending dangerous artillery shells and weapons to Ukraine. Pakistan is embroiled in another controversy.

Islamabad has been found to be supplying arms and ammunition to Kyiv in the Russo-Ukraine war, after which Pakistan’s troubles have once again increased.

Pakistan is not neutral in Russia Ukraine war

According to reports, Pakistan is not neutral in the Russia-Ukraine conflict and is involved in the supply of Pakistan-made arms and ammunition for Ukraine’s end use.

Islamabad is apparently using third country-based defense suppliers and contractors to ship these defense sales to Ukraine, Europe-based publication Geo-Politic reports.

Pak had contacted M/s Kestral

Reliable inputs suggest that Islamabad-based arms supplier M/s DMI Associates is in touch with Bulgaria-based firm M/s Defense Industry Group to facilitate the supply of manufactured defense stores to the Ukrainian government.

M/s Chemica, a Slovakian-based defense company, had allegedly contacted M/s Kestral, a defense supplier of ammunition to Pak Ordnance Factories, on behalf of the Defense Ministry of Ukraine.

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