The Biggest Action Against Rohingyas In Jammu and Kashmir

The biggest action against Rohingyas in Jammu and Kashmir so far, Rohingyas illegally settled in Jammu.

The biggest crackdown so far has been initiated in the state to raid the Rohingyas illegally settled in Jammu, which are considered a threat to security.

On Saturday, the Jammu police summoned the Rohingyas to Maulana Azad (MA) Stadium to check their identity cards and the Refugee Card issued by the United Nations High Commission.

Over 250 Rohingyas were examined on the first day. 168 Rohingyas found illegal in these were shifted late evening buses to the holding center built in Hiranagar Jail. These include women and children.

According to sources, those living illegally will be deported to Myanmar. The strike of Rohingyas in Jammu will continue even further.

The central government had already made it clear that Rohingyas living illegally would be taken out of the entire country.

The MA Stadium was sealed early by the Jammu Police. CRPF was also deployed along with the police outside the main gate. At around nine in the morning, more than 250 Rohingyas were called.

All came with their identity cards and refugia cards. Police had also brought many Rohingyas themselves.

Inside the stadium, where the Rohingyas were being investigated, no one was allowed to go except the police and security agencies.

The biometric investigation also started.

Their entire record is being scrutinized from the beginning with the biometric examination of the Rohingyas. Where did they come from.

Who brought them and how many people are in the clan, an account of all these things is being prepared. According to the police, Rohingyas found illegal during this time did not have valid travel documents.

Heeranagar jail was evacuated.

According to sources, there were about 175 prisoners in Hiranagar Jail in Kathua, who were shifted to Kathua and Jammu Jail on 24 February. The police administration had already started preparations for this action.

This is a regular checkup.

DSP Head Quarters Swati Sharma said that it is a regular checkup. The Rohingyas will be called in turn to check their documents.

It is worth mentioning that earlier in the years 2017 and 2018 also, the police had verified Rohingyas.

The biggest action against Rohingyas started.

The link behind the investigation of the Rohingyas is believed to be the reason which was found in the hands of the police a few days ago.

About a week ago, a Rohingya and his accomplice, who were living as maulvis, were caught in Narwal, Jammu city. The police also got fake Aadhaar card, PAN card, and passport from them. Also involved in anti-national activities.

Earlier, Rohingyas who came from Myanmar have been accused of being involved in anti-national activities. A few years ago, the involvement of the royals in the terrorist attack in the Sunjwan military camp came to light.

Apart from this, these Rohingya have also been found involved in theft, drug trafficking, and other criminal offenses. There are 6,523 government and 25 thousand non-government Rohingya

According to the report tabled in the Legislative Assembly in the year 2018, the number of Rohingyas living in Jammu is 6,523. At the same time, according to non-government data, their number here is close to 25 thousand.

The biggest action against Rohingyas: Most Rohingya have been brought to Jammu from Bengal.

According to sources, most of the Rohingyas settled in Jammu under the conspiracy have been brought from refugee camps in and around Malda, Bengal.

The Rohingya living in Jammu have themselves confessed before the security agencies that they were brought here by an NGO in Kashmir, saying that they will get better facilities in Jammu and Kashmir.

It is also reported that these institutions also have funding from UAE and Pakistan, some evidence of which has also been found. Security agencies are also trying to locate this entire network.

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