The Matter Of Target Killing Of Hindus In Kashmir Reached SC

The matter of target killing of Hindus in Kashmir reached the Supreme Court, this plea was made to the CJI: Target Killing in Kashmir.

The matter of targeting the killing of Hindus in Kashmir has reached the Supreme Court.

A Delhi-based lawyer has written to Chief Justice NV Ramana seeking cognizance of the matter and ensuring the safety of Hindus in Kashmir.

The letter has also demanded a compensation of Rs one crore to the relatives of the Hindus killed by targeting and a government job for a family member.

Letter sent to CJI.

This letter to the Chief Justice has been sent by lawyer Vineet Jindal, which refers to the case of the murder of teacher Rajni Bala in Kulgam, Kashmir on May 31.

It has been said that it is a case of targeting the killing of Hindus in Kashmir in the month of May.

The seventh is the case. Earlier, terrorists had similarly targeted and killed three policemen and three civilians.

Questions arising.

The petition said that on May 12, 35-year-old Rahul Bhat was killed by terrorists in the Budgam district of Kashmir.

Rahul was working under the Pradhan Mantri Vishesh Rozgar Yojana launched for Kashmiri migrants.

After the murder of Rahul, many questions were raised like how the terrorists recognized him and killed only one Hindu inside the office.

Anger, insecurities, fear, and anxiety among Hindus.

The question has been raised in the petition that how were the security arrangements in the government office that terrorists enter the office and kill them.

These killings are said to have caused anger, insecurity, fear, and anxiety among the minority Hindus living in Kashmir.

The incidents of Hindus being targeted and killed in Kashmir are reminiscent of the genocide of Hindus in Kashmir in 1989-90.

The exodus of Hindus.

The letter said that many of the Kashmiri displaced Hindus, who returned to the Valley after getting jobs under the PM’s Special Employment Scheme, have quietly left their homes and feared for their lives.

Many are demanding to shift them from the Kashmir Valley to Jammu.

These cases of targeted killing of Hindus have created an atmosphere of uncertainty and fear among the Hindus living in Kashmir.

Open challenge to the sovereignty of the country.

The petition has demanded that the investigation of the recent killings of Hindus be done by the NIA. These killings are an open challenge to the sovereignty of our country.

These killings are not only to instill fear among Kashmiri Hindus but also to wage war against the country.

The government has launched several schemes to resettle the displaced Kashmiri Hindus in the Valley, but these target killings seem to discourage that objective.

Ensure the safety of Hindus.

There is an urgent need to take immediate action and put in place a holistic mechanism to stop the incidents of targeting and killing of minority Hindus in Kashmir and ensure the safety of Hindus.

It is the responsibility of the Government of India to ensure the safety of Kashmiri Hindus.

The letter has demanded that the Government of India be directed to provide immediate security to the minority Hindus in Kashmir and a mechanism should be set up for this.

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