Tragic Incidents in Kochi, Kerala: Indian Navy Helicopter Crash And Food Vlogger’s Untimely Passing

Tragic incidents in Kochi, Kerala: Indian Navy helicopter crash and Food Vlogger’s untimely passing.

In Kochi, Kerala, a Chetak helicopter crash leaves two naval officers critically injured, while popular food vlogger Rahul N Kutty is found dead. Get the latest updates on these unfortunate events.

In Kochi, Kerala, a Chetak helicopter belonging to the Indian Navy crashed during a training exercise on Saturday, resulting in critical injuries to two officers on board.

The incident occurred on the runway of INS Garuda at approximately 2:30 p.m.

The condition of both officers is reported to be extremely severe. Following the accident, the injured individuals were promptly transported to the Naval Base Hospital for immediate medical treatment.

At this time, there has been no official statement issued by naval authorities regarding the incident.

Tragic incidents in Kochi: In another unfortunate incident in Kerala, the renowned food vlogger Rahul N Kutty was discovered dead at his residence.

Mr. Kutty, 33 years old, was found hanging in his bedroom by his parents and friends. He was subsequently taken to a nearby private hospital, and the police have been informed about the situation.

Rahul N Kutty, known for his Instagram profile ‘Eat Kochi Eat,’ gained fame for sharing unique and lesser-known culinary destinations in the city.

His final Instagram post conveyed the sorrowful news of his passing.

The official ‘Eat Kochi Eat’ page informed its followers of the tragic loss, urging them to keep Mr. Kutty and his family in their thoughts and prayers.

Rahul N Kutty leaves behind his wife and their two-year-old son.

ISRO chief denies K Sivan’s claim of criticism in his autobiography, says – I did not target anyone.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chief S Somnath has rejected the former ISRO chief’s claim of making critical remarks on Sivan in his autobiography Nilavu Kudicha Simhangal (Lions that Drunk the Moonlight).

‘I did not target anyone.

Somnath said that a person holding this important post has to go through many challenges. One of those challenges is the challenge of getting an important position in an organization.

This is a challenge that everyone has to go through. Many people may be eligible for that important post. This is what I have tried to say in my book. I have not targeted anyone.

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