Tragic Landmine Blast: Six Killed In Karabakh As Azerbaijan Blames Armenia

Tragic Landmine Blast: Six killed in Karabakh as Azerbaijan blames Armenia.

Six civilians lost their lives in a devastating landmine explosion in Karabakh, with Azerbaijan pointing fingers at Armenian groups. Explore the tense relations and implications of this incident.

Six civilians were killed on Tuesday 19 September by landmines in Karabakh, Azerbaijan.

Giving information, a news agency has said that six of its citizens were killed by landmines in two separate incidents in the Nagorno-Karabakh region of Azerbaijan.

Tragic Landmine Blast: Azerbaijan alleged that the landmines were planted by Armenian illegal armed groups.

Karabakh is globally perceived as a feature of Azerbaijan. An enormous Armenian populace lives in Karabakh, a district that split away from Baku’s control following a conflict in the mid-1990s.

Azerbaijan recovered land in and around Karabakh in the 2020 conflict. Simultaneously, Baku said that four representatives of the Inside Service were killed.

The mishap brought about the truck being exploded by a mine close to a passage building site.

Tragic Landmine Blast: Two regular folks were killed in another landmine blast.

Simultaneously, the assertion further said that two regular people were killed in another landmine blast. In any case, there was no quick response from ethnic Armenian experts in Karabakh.

Armenia said on Monday that charges that its own military had laid mines in an Azerbaijani area are misleading.

Relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia stay tense.

As relations between Azerbaijan and Armenia keep on excessively stressed, this occurrence has additionally extended the hole between the two nations.

Azerbaijan’s Protection Service on Tuesday blamed Armenian outfitted bunches for blocking the GPS route of a traveler stream flying from Tbilisi, Georgia to Baku.

Azerbaijan’s charges in Karabakh were eagerly dismissed by the Armenians.

Armenia’s Unfamiliar Service said on Monday that Azerbaijan’s conciliatory position appears as though it is setting up the ground for expanding military power.

The two nations say they are focused on settling their disparities through a nonaggression treaty.

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