Udhayanidhi Stalin Stands Firm On Controversial Statement About Sanatan Dharma – Defends Position With Ambedkar And Periyar

Udhayanidhi Stalin stood firm on a controversial statement about Sanatan Dharma – and defended his Position with Ambedkar and Periyar.

Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin remains unwavering in his stance on Sanatan Dharma, asserting he won’t retract his statement.

Explore his reasoning and the response from the Madras High Court Judge.

Udhayanidhi Stalin stands firm on his controversial statement on Sanatan Dharma, saying- Ambedkar and Periyar.

Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin stands firm on his controversial statement on Sanatan Dharma. He says that he will not back down from his statement.

I stand by what I said about Sanatan Dharma, Udhayanidhi Stalin declared. I’m not going to retract anything I said. I’ll deal with it legally. My words are no more than those of Ambedkar and Periyar.

Regarding Jayachandran’s remark, he made this statement during a news conference held in front of Judge G. Said of the Madras High Court.

“It’s crucial to put humanity first.”

According to Udhayanidhi, he doesn’t really care about positions in the party or administration. For them, the most essential thing is first and foremost to be human.

‘Will always oppose Sanatan Dharma.’

Udhayanidhi is the son of Chief Minister MK Stalin. He said that he has been speaking on Sanatan issues for centuries. We will always oppose this.

Madras High Court Judge G Jayachandran said a person in power should behave responsibly and restrain himself from propagating ideas that will divide people in the name of ideology, caste, and religion.

Instead, they can focus on eliminating intoxicating drinks and drugs, which are harmful to health, corruption, untouchability, and other social evils.

Justice Jayachandran also said that the inaction by the police against the organizers of the event in which the speech against ‘Sanatana Dharma’ was given amounted to ‘negligence in duty’ by the police.

The justice said the public is fed up with how some people who take the oath of office “violate their oath”.

What did Udhayanidhi say?

Udhayanidhi Stalin had said that Sanatan Dharma should not be opposed, but it should be destroyed. After this statement of Udhayanidhi, the political temperature in the country had become high.

While the BJP strongly criticized the statement, some allies of the DMK government decided not to wade into the controversy.

However, Udhayanidhi remained adamant on his point and repeatedly refused to back down from his statement.

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