Indian Army Proposes Purchase Of 400 Indigenous Howitzers Worth Rs 6,500 Crore

Indian Army Proposes Purchase of 400 Indigenous Howitzers Worth Rs 6,500 Crore.

The Indian Army has taken a significant step towards bolstering its arsenal with indigenous capabilities.

Army sent proposal to buy 400 howitzers from indigenous companies, government may take decision soon.

In a major effort to promote indigenously designed and developed weapon systems, the Army has sent a proposal to the Defense Ministry to purchase 400 howitzers from Indian companies.

Indian Army Proposes the purchase that will cost more than Rs 6,500 crore.

The Indian Army’s artillery regiment is keen to utilize the expertise of Indian industry to produce 155 mm and 52 caliber towed howitzers (TGS).

Senior military officials said the government may soon take a decision on TGS in a high-level meeting.

The Indian Army has already floated a tender to procure 307 towed advanced artillery guns (ATAGS) as well as mounted gun systems for its requirements along the borders with China and Pakistan.

The howitzer being designed, developed and manufactured in India would mean that it would be completely Indian in every way.

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