Weather And Pollution Update: Cold Rise With Drop In Temperature

Weather and Pollution Update: Cold rise with a drop in temperature, pollution not improved.

Along with pollution in the country, the cold has also started increasing. Pollution in North India including Delhi NCR is increasing along with freezing.

The pollution level in Delhi has remained in a poor category, while in Uttar Pradesh, there is a similar situation. Talk about the cold, there has been a sharp drop in temperature.

In various states including Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, and Rajasthan, cold winds are accompanied by shivering in the day.

Coldwave in Delhi-NCR

Faced with a poor category of pollution, the countrymen are now facing cold weather. The Meteorological Department has predicted that two more days of the cold wave will continue.

Looking at the previous record, there has been a cold wave seven times in seven decades and that too for only one day whereas this year this situation is being made for three days.

Meteorology says that this time it is getting very cold in November. Apart from this, the air quality index was recorded in the poor category in most areas of Delhi on Saturday.

Temperature also drops in Uttar Pradesh, pollution also increases

Even in UP, the temperature has dropped, people have been feeling very cold since morning. Fog appeared in several places in Meerut on Saturday morning.

The weather is changing after the rains of the past. Apart from this, Gorakhpur has also seen a maximum temperature drop due to westerly winds.

Five days earlier, the day’s maximum temperature was 30 degrees Celsius, which dropped to 27.1 degrees on Friday. Apart from this, the air quality index in Agra has increased.

The temperature will fall in Jalandhar

Jalandhar will continue its phase of temperature decline. Here on the weekend, it will be cool despite the sun blossoming throughout the day.

The meteorological department predicts that a cold wave will move after dawn and day.

Cold also increased in Rajasthan

There has also been a big drop in temperature in Rajasthan. According to the Meteorological Department, last night the major cities of the state recorded a fall of 15 degrees Celsius.

Apart from this, the department has predicted a drop in temperature with the weather being clear in the next four days.

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