Why Two Silencers Are Fitted In Super Bikes, Know What Is The Secret Behind It

Why two silencers are fitted in Super Bikes, know what is the secret behind it. Most people use the bike to go from home to the office.

There is a lot of craze among the youth regarding this. In fact, despite the traffic in the cities, you can reach anywhere quickly by driving in a small space.

To make the bike attractive and to make it stand out from others, many gadgets are installed in it.

Some people completely modify it by changing it, which is difficult to identify. One and two silencers are usually seen on bikes.

Do you know why superbikes have two silencers in the same place, what is the reason behind it?

What is the work of silencers?

Expensive bikes get two silencers instead of one. Usually, its job is to filter out the smoke coming out of the engine. Not only this, its second job is to suppress the noise coming out of the engine.

But some people get the silencer changed aftermarket to make the bike louder.

However, you can also suffer heavy losses by getting it installed. Due to noise pollution, the traffic police issues challans on sight.

Why two silencers are fitted in Super Bikes: Because of this, there are two silencers instead of one.

Now the question arises whether it is not easy to filter the sound of the engine and the smoke coming out of it with only one silencer.

Actually, being a bike with more cc, it is not possible to do this with just one exhaust. That’s why companies install two silencers inexpensive and heavy bikes.

Apart from this, some people definitely check the sound coming out of the exhaust to make a different identity among the people while buying the bike.

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