A Great White Shark Attacked A Fishing Boat In Australia, Boat Narrowly Escapes

A Great White Shark attacked a fishing boat in Australia. Shark attacks the fishermen’s boat and narrowly escapes.

A Great White Shark attacked a fishing boat in Australia. The special thing is that these pictures were captured by the camera.

This photo posted by online fisherman Trapman Bermagui was taken in Port Lincoln, a city on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. Tuna fish was already on the boat. Meanwhile, the shark attacked it.

The fisherman said in the post, “Look at the size of this great white shark. Bermagui told Newsweek that the shark was probably 16 feet long.

Female white sharks are larger than males, and this is the maximum size they usually reach. The average length ranges between 11 to 15 feet.

White sharks are found along the entire coast of South Australia, but they are particularly abundant off the coast of Port Lincoln. From September to November they are seen in the sea of ​​Australia.

The largest great white shark ever recorded was a 20-foot female named Deep Blue, discovered in November 2013 by Mauricio Hoyos Padilla, a shark expert, and researcher.

Let us tell you that this year a woman was attacked by a shark in Egypt, after which she died. The 68-year-old woman used to live in Egypt with her husband.

The woman was swimming in the sea when a shark attacked her. What happened after this was quite a frightening scene.


Thousands of people came naked to Sydney beach for this special purpose.

About 2500 Naked Volunteers gathered on Saturday at the very popular Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. It all came together for an artwork designed to raise awareness about skin cancer.

This is the latest project by American photographer Spencer Tunick, which aims to encourage Australians to have regular skin checks.

The law was changed to allow public nudity on the beach for the first time. Let us tell you that the World Cancer Research Fund says that Australia is the worst affected country by skin cancer.

The government estimates that 17,756 new cases of skin cancer will be diagnosed in Australia this year, and 1,281 Australians will die from the disease.

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