Yemen Govt-Backed Military Forces Against Houthi Rebels

Yemen govt-backed military forces campaign against Houthi rebels, 12 rebels killed.

Military forces loyal to the Yemen government killed 12 combatants of the Houthi Widrohi group in the country’s southern province of Dhalia.

A statement issued by the security forces said that the military units have launched a forceful offensive against the Houthi rebels in the northeastern region of the country, Xinhua reported.

The Yemen-backed army has killed 12 rebels in this campaign. This area is under the control of the Houthi rebels.

Baloch protests in South Korea, non-judicial killings in Balochistan

The Baloch Republic Party (BRP) demonstrated in Busan city of South Korea to protest against human rights violations by the Pakistani military in Balochistan province.

Non-judicial killings and kidnappings should stop in Balochistan

The demonstration on Thursday, on the occasion of International Human Rights Day, carried display banners with slogans to prevent non-judicial killing and kidnapping in Balochistan, saving Baloch women.

At the same time, the United Nations and the United Nations Human Rights Commission were appealed to look into these matters.

Aamir Baloch said- Atrocities on people continue in Balochistan

President of BRP’s South Korea Chapter Aamir Baloch said that atrocities on people are continuing in Balochistan. Non-judicial killings are happening and people are disappearing.

The kidnapped people are not found by the security forces and the judiciary is helpless before the security forces.

Iran anticipates long-term international sanctions, Biden’s arrival will not change the situation

Iran is not going to get any relief from international sanctions for the next five years.

This kind of fear is expressed by a senior Iranian official saying that no change is going to happen in the US whether Donald Trump or Biden becomes President.

Mohsen Rezai, Secretary of the Advisory Council of Iran, presented the budget draft to be presented before Parliament in March 2021, saying that keeping in mind the long-standing situation of the ban.

we have to work for our strong economic position. The budget plan should also be in line with the same.

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