Yemen’s Houthi Rebels Hijack Israeli Ship In Red Sea, Hostage Crisis Unfolds

Yemen’s Houthi rebels hijack Israeli ship in Red Sea, hostage crisis unfolds.

Houthi rebels in Yemen seize an Israeli-linked cargo ship bound for India, taking 25 crew members hostage. Tensions rise amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. Get the latest on the Red Sea hijacking.

Yemen’s Houthi rebels hijacked an Israeli ship coming to India in the Red Sea and took 25 members hostage.

Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have hijacked an Israeli-linked cargo ship bound for India on the Red Sea shipping route.

The rebels have also taken 25 crew members of the ship hostage.

According to officials, the Houthi rebels’ action raises concerns about the potential for regional tensions to worsen, given Israel and Hamas are engaged in combat on a different seafront.

Iran-backed Houthi rebels have said they hijacked the ship because of its ties to Israel and will continue to target ships in the Red Sea that are linked to or owned by the Israelis until the end of Israel’s campaign against Hamas.

“All ships belonging to or in contact with the Israeli enemy will be targeted,” the Houthis said.


Houthi: Only the “language of force” is understood by Israelis.

The main Houthi spokesman, Mohammed Abdul Salam, later made a video statement in which he said that the Israelis were only conversant in “the language of force.”

“The Israeli ship hijacking is a concrete step that demonstrates the seriousness of the Yemeni armed forces in waging a maritime war, no matter the cost,” the speaker stated. This is only the start.”

Houthi blamed for attack on Israeli ship.

On the other hand, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Houthi rebels for the attack on the Galaxy Leadership.

This ship belongs to an Israeli billionaire. The statement said there were no Israeli citizens on board the ship.

Crew members from the Philippines, and Bulgaria.

The ship’s Japanese operator, NYK Line, said the ship was carrying no cargo at the time of the hijacking.

According to the NYK, the ship’s crew members are from the Philippines, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, and Mexico.

The ship was on its way to Pipavav, India.

At the same time, Japan criticized the ship’s hijacking on Monday.

Hirokazu Matsuno, Chief Cabinet Secretary, stated that the Japanese government was doing everything possible to guarantee the crew’s early release through negotiations with the Houthi rebels.

In addition, we are in contact with Israel and working with the governments of Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Iran.

Huthi is behaving according to Islamic values.

The Houthis said they were treating the crew members in accordance with Islamic values, but did not specify what that meant.

Netanyahu’s office condemned the kidnapping, calling it Iran-backed terrorism. At the same time, Israeli officials insisted that the ship belonged to a British citizen and was operated by a Japanese citizen.

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