Discover The Thrill: India’s Most Captivating And Daring Bridges That Leave Tourists Spellbound

Discover the thrill: India’s most captivating and daring bridges that leave tourists spellbound.

Embark on an adventure like never before with India’s enchanting bridges!

From the suspended marvel of Pamban Bridge in Tamil Nadu to Meghalaya’s Living Root Bridge, and the nerve-wracking Glass Skywalk in Sikkim – explore the awe-inspiring bridges that beckon both Indian and international travelers.

India boasts enchanting and daring bridges that attract tourists from far and wide.

Adventure isn’t limited to activities like skydiving or skiing; anything that evokes excitement can be an adventure, whether experienced firsthand or witnessed.

If you’re an avid traveler, your list likely includes many destinations, but have you considered including the awe-inspiring bridges of India?

These bridges are not just captivating for Indians but also draw the attention of foreign tourists. Let’s explore some of these remarkable bridges.

Discover the thrill: Pamban Bridge, Tamil Nadu. The Pamban Bridge in Tamil Nadu is a marvel to behold. As India’s first sea bridge, construction began in 1914.

Crossing this bridge, suspended amidst the sea, is a thrilling adventure.

Functioning as a railway bridge, it connects Rameshwaram to Pamban Island. Supported by approximately 145 pillars, this engineering masterpiece is a must-see on a road trip.

Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya: Nature itself has crafted Meghalaya’s Living Root Bridge, formed from tree roots, hence its name.

Although reaching this bridge requires a challenging trek, the fatigue vanishes upon arrival.

This double-decker bridge over the Umshiang River is a unique testament to natural engineering. Meghalaya is home to several such bridges, each with its own charm.

Glass Skywalk, Sikkim: For those seeking an extra dose of adventure, Sikkim is the destination. The Glass Skywalk in Pelling, Sikkim, offers a breathtaking and slightly unnerving experience.

Similar glass bridges can also be found in Rajgir, Nalanda district, Bihar. This particular skywalk, located in front of the Chenrezig statue, stands at an impressive height of approximately 137 feet.

From here, one can marvel at the Chenrezig Statue, as well as the confluence of the Teesta and Rangeet rivers.

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