Alert In Jammu Kashmir: Fear Of Infiltration From Pakistan

Alert In Jammu Kashmir: Fear of infiltration from Pakistan on Independence Day, BSF-Police alert.

After the fear of infiltration of terrorists from Pakistan on Independence Day, the BSF along with the police has taken over the march in the border areas.

The BSF and the police together have started conducting joint patrolling in the border areas and have also started interrogation of people coming to the joint block at many places.

For some time now, Pakistan has been trying to breach security by sending drones to Indian territory.

With the help of drones, Pakistan is not only sending weapons for terrorists in Indian territory, it has also dropped a bomb at the technical airport located in Satwari.

Alert In Jammu Kashmir: Security agencies fear that on or before Independence Day, Pakistan can carry out any major incident with the help of terrorists.

For this, terrorists have been prepared on the launching pad on the Pakistan side so that they can be carried out in any major incident by infiltrating Indian territory as soon as they get a chance.

Due to these apprehensions, this time the Army, BSF, and police have together decided to put up nakas and patrol together on Independence Day.

Alert In Jammu Kashmir: BSF and police are patrolling together in the border areas of Jammu like Kanachak, RSpura, Suchetgarh, Pagarwal, Garhkhal, Khowdra Jyodian, etc.

The bushes growing near the border are being cleared. There is a continuous search being done so that there are no weapons or terrorists hiding there.

At the same time, people living in the border areas have also been instructed to immediately inform the police and BSF if they see suspicious.

People living in border areas have also been asked to keep an eye on drones. They are being given information about the drone so that they can identify it from a distance.

SSP Jammu Chandan Kohli says that security has also been tightened in the city. Police deployment has been increased in sensitive areas.

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