Amazon Is Not Going To Play, Nor Will It Allow Others To Play

Amazon is not going to play, nor will it allow others to play: Kishore Biyani. Amazon Group’s attempt to block the deal between Future Retail and Reliance Industries has been strongly condemned by Future Group promoter Kishore Biyani.

He said that Amazon is adopting a ‘no play, no playlet’ attitude. On the concerns of the employees amid the ongoing controversy over the deal, Biyani said that Future Group is legally in a strong position.

The approval of the deal by the Competition Commission of India (CCI), market regulator SEBI and the stock exchanges is proof of this.

He referred to a Greek proverb ‘Playing Dog in the Manger’ on Amazon’s attitude of unnecessarily impeding the case.

This proverb is used for a person who, despite not having the right and need over something, does not want to let another person use it. When asked about this, Amazon has not yet responded.

Biyani has made this stern remark at a time when recently Amazon has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking to take Biyani and his family into custody.

In a letter to Future Group employees, Biyani said that Amazon is running a media campaign and spreading false information.

Biyani said, “Amazon is just creating a ruckus.” There is a reason behind this, which we were ignoring earlier, but now it has become clear. It is a battle of supremacy over Indian customers at any cost.

He said that the Future Group is facing a corporate war, which is being fought for supremacy over Indian customers 70 years after India became a republic. All resources are being used to influence the ideas of India and to dent their trust.

Alexander was also defeated in India

Biyani also targeted the name of Amazon’s product ‘Alexa’ in his letter. He said, ‘Amazon has named its product’ Alexa ‘. History is witness that ‘Alexander’ (Alexander) was also defeated when he arrived in India.

We will continue to protect the interests of our country further on the basis of tireless service with you and your customers.

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