Bilal al Sudani Was Killed By US Forces In Somalia, Do You Know Who Was He?

Bilal al Sudani was killed by US forces in Somalia, Do you know who was he?

Last night, US forces killed ISIS terrorist Bilal al-Sudani in Somalia, Africa. The Biden administration said it killed an ISIS leader in an anti-terrorist operation.

In this operation, US forces killed 10 more ISIS fighters. U.S. officials say Bilal plans to soon expand his terrorist activities across Africa.

Do you know who Bilal Al Sudani is? Bilal al-Sudani is taken into consideration a dreaded ISIS terrorist in Somalia who changed into a key facilitator for the worldwide community of ISIS.

US officials say Sudani was responsible for fostering ISIS`s reach in Africa and funding the group’s operations around the world, including Afghanistan.

America had banned Him.

Al-Sudani changed into sanctioned with the aid of using Americans in 2012 for assisting overseas opponents in al-Shabaab schooling camps and facilitating funding.

America stated – devoted to addressing terror.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated approximately the military`s operation that it displays our steadfast dedication to protecting Americans from the risk of terrorism at domestic and abroad.

He stated that no civilian changed into harmed during this operation. Austin also said the counterterrorism operation was kept secret and supported by local authorities.

Syrian Kurdish forces have arrested an IS commander in the eastern city of Raqqa.

Syrian Kurdish forces have arrested an Islamic State (IS) regional commander in the eastern Syrian city of Raqqa.

The US-backed military said Thursday it was captured as part of an ongoing operation to target sleeping cells.

The Syrian Democratic Forces said the commander had served as the leader of an extremist group in Raqqa.

So far, 68 terrorists have been detained during this operation. Signs of IS preparing for a serious attack: Kurdish commanders.

In December, IS fighters attacked military and security forces buildings in the city of Raqqa, killing at least six Syrian Kurds. After that, the operation of Kurdish forces against ISIS terrorists began.

Kurdish commander Mazrum Abdi said he had received intelligence that IS was seriously preparing an attack.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said last December the attack targeted a military intelligence prison housing about 200 fighters.

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