Mysterious 13Th-century Stone Has Emerged From Underground In The State Of Karnataka

Mysterious 13th-century stone has emerged from underground In the state of Karnataka, revealing the country’s long-standing customs.

A team from CESCK (Center for Classical Kannada Studies) in Mysore first discovered a unique stone inscription on a “hero stone” from the Hoysala era.

According to the local media report, the center has unearthed a 13th-century “hero’s stone” (Veragallu).

It contains carvings and inscriptions from the time of the Hoysala ruler Wiraballal II (1172-1220 CE). His empire was in southern India.

It was found in the Shambulingeshwara (Vijayanagara era) temple of Chakashettihalli in the Pandavapur taluk of the Mandya district.

Retired Professor N.S. Langaraju says this heroic stone is unique as it depicts a rare scene from ‘sati’ training, which was common at the time.


Mysterious 13th-century stone has emerged from underground: Find out what makes Herostone special.

Retired Professor N.S. Rangaraju usually says that heroic stones are made to honor heroes who fought and died in wars.

However, this Geroston was built in memory of the Chakashettihalli residents of the Masanaya and Vaishya (merchant) clans.

This hero stone is said to date back to the time of Viraballala II of the Hoysalas. This stone has three tiers of carved panels. In the middle, there are two panels with inscription text.

Investigation of the Hero Stone found that Dasara Shettihalli (modern Chakashettihalli) was an important administrative center during the Hoysala period.

Masanaya was a sthika who held an important position in the Hoysala administration. She served in the war and was seriously injured.

Masanaya’s wife also wanted to die out of love for her husband. Masanaya then stabbed him and committed suicide. The Hero Stone is believed to have been made to honor the sacrifice of the two.

Professor Rangaraju says hero stones are typically made to honor heroes who have fought and died.

Professor Langaraju says no such memorial inscriptions have been found from the Hoysala period or any other dynasty. Hero and Mahasati stones can be found in many villages.

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