Bomb Threat To The Israeli Embassy In America

Bomb threat to the Israeli embassy in America, but police did not find any dangerous material.

Tension erupted after a bomb threat at the Israeli embassy in the US capital. A spokesman for the DC Metropolitan Police Department told the news agency.

Police officers in the US capital did not find any dangerous materials at the Israeli embassy and were being evacuated after reports of a suspicious package.

“We are actually evacuating the scene right now, no hazardous materials have been found,” the spokesman said on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, US media said local officials were cooperating with the US Secret Service over a suspicious package at the Israeli embassy in Washington DC.

A Sputnik correspondent reported a heavy police presence near the Israeli embassy, ​​including US Secret Service personnel. Several roads near the embassy have also been closed, the correspondent said.

Let us tell you that earlier this year there was a blast near the Embassy of Israel in New Delhi.

No one was injured in the blast but several cars were damaged. When Israel called it a terrorist attack, India said that the culprits will not be spared.

After the blast, the police’s Special Cell team first reached the spot and the blast was confirmed from their side. Police said the blast took place near the footpath.

At the same time, as the investigation progressed, on the basis of the evidence found by the NIA and the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad, it was said that Iran was behind the bombing.

To remove its enmity from India, Iran had cleverly resorted to the local module of India.

According to the report, the Iranian Quds Force was behind the bombing outside the Israeli embassy, ​​but this bomb was planted by a local Indian Shia module.

Such evidence was deliberately left behind, which led the terrorist organization Islamic State to be behind the attack. (ISIS) hand.

At the same time, a picture of two suspects involved in this blast in late January was revealed. These pictures were revealed through CCTV footage.

The NIA had also announced a reward of Rs 10 lakh each for those providing information regarding the arrest of these two.

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