Budget-Friendly Long Weekend Destinations For Good Friday Holiday Getaways

Budget-Friendly Long Weekend Destinations for Good Friday Holiday Getaways.

Budget-Friendly Long Weekend Destinations: Discover affordable travel options for the upcoming Good Friday long weekend.

Explore adventurous destinations like Mukteshwar, Palampur, Tehri, and Goshal without breaking the bank.

Long Weekend Destinations: Go on a trip to these less expensive places during the long holiday of Good Friday.

For those working 9 to 5, the long weekend is like a golden opportunity, when you can plan a trip without taking any leave or deducting money.

Long Weekend Destinations: Travelers just wait for the opportunity. There are many such places in India, where two to three days leave is enough to visit.

Good Friday will be celebrated tomorrow i.e. on 29th March. If you have a holiday on Saturday-Sunday, then go to these mood-refreshing places.

Budget-Friendly Long Weekend Destinations: Where there is no need to spend too much money. The best destination for a long weekend.


Mukteshwar is best for spending two to three days of holidays on a low budget. Mukteshwar is in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand. This place is especially famous for its adventure activities.

By coming here you can enjoy rappelling, rock climbing, trekking. Apart from this, you can see Mukteshwar temple.


Palampur situated in Himachal is a very beautiful destination and budget destination. It takes two to three days to explore this area fully.

There is no need to go to South India to see tea gardens, you can also see this beautiful view by coming to Palampur.

If you are fond of trekking, then head to Kareri Lake. Apart from this, you can also come to Bir and experience paragliding.



By traveling a few more hours from Dhanaulti in Uttarakhand, you can reach Tehri, which is a great place to have fun with friends.

You can try many adventure activities here. To stay, try the floating huts here, which make you feel like you are in the Maldives. You can also cover Kanatal on the way from Dhanaulti to Tehri.


Shimla-Manali is most crowded during long weekends, so everything from hotels to food becomes expensive here, in such a situation, you will spend a lot of money even on a short trip.

So please go to Manali. Head towards Goshal village located nearby. It is just 4 km away from Old Manali.

Snow-covered mountains and apple orchards all around enhance the beauty of this village. By coming here you can see the culture of Himachal more closely.

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