Change Is Happening In The Constitution Of Russia

Change is happening in the constitution for the Russian President, which will be beneficial throughout life.

The constitution of Russia is being amended for the second time this year. It was first amended in July. At that time, Russian Vladimir Putin was given the right to hold the post of President until 2036.

According to the leading news agency report, now the President will not be prosecuted for any kind of criminal prosecution even after being removed from office under the Second Amendment.

After passing in both houses, President Vladimir Putin himself will sign the bill.

Even after amending the constitution, if a President falls under the category of serious crime or treason, then he will be placed in the category of exception.

The President can be prosecuted for such an offense. The bill currently has support from the Duma, Russia’s lower house. This new amendment will also cover the former President and Prime Minister of Russia.

Let me tell you that currently, only Dmitry Medvedev survives in the name of the former President who has been close to the current President. Dmitri has also been the Prime Minister of the country.

After the new bill is passed and its law is made, not only will the former and the current president be able to take advantage of it, but the members of his family will also get the benefit.

Change is happening, After this amendment, the family members of the President will not come under any kind of police investigation and inquiry. No one will have the right to seize the property of these people.

Let us tell you that this is the fourth term of President Vladimir Putin which is being completed in the year 2024. But after the previous amendments, he can still remain President for 12 years.

Significantly, when the Russian constitution was amended in July, the process took a week. After this, it got the final approval of the President.

The amendment that was made at the time rejected same-sex marriage. This constitutional amendment was proposed by Putin only in January this year. This amendment was conducted till the referendum.

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