Delhi Police Has Created ‘Twitter Army’ To Counter Propaganda

Delhi Police has created ‘Twitter Army’ against those who do anti-country activities. After the Delhi riots in February 2020, the role of Internet media in the peasant movement has surprised the Delhi Police.

Delhi Police has learned from this. The police are dealing lawfully with those who do anti-national activities through the internet media, along with this, the police have also started creating a “Twitter Army” these days.

Headquarters of all the units like DCP, Special Cell, Crime Branch, PCR, Vigilance and Armed Forces, etc. of all the 15 districts have been asked to instruct the police station level, checkpoints, units of the district to find Twitter handlers.

All the ACP, Thana, Inspectors, and outposts in the units have been asked to find five Twitter handlers and link them to the Delhi Police.

Twitter handlers should have 250 followers. This is being done so that positive actions and rumors spreading by the police can be responded to by retweeting them.

Paramilitary forces to stop snatching.

Jhapatmari is the biggest problem in Delhi. It has always been a challenge for the police to curb this. Actually, due to the spread of roads in Delhi and the number of police is very low, despite a lot of efforts, the police are not able to curb street crime.

The tireless efforts of the current commissioner have succeeded in curbing street crime to a great extent for the first time. All the district police are taking initiative at their respective levels to prevent street crime.

DCP Ish Saghal of New Delhi, considered VVIP district, has deployed paramilitary along with local police station on pickets to be installed in all police stations.

Each police station has been given one platoon paramilitary. Action-related information is obtained from the policemen posted on the picket every evening. The new initiative has reduced incidents of snooping.

Exercise to deal with the flood of cybercrime.

Earlier, street crime was a major problem in Delhi, but the head of the Ministry of Home Affairs and Police has been surprised by the increase in cybercrime cases doubling in the last year.

In view of the increasing case of cybercrime, the Commissioner of Police had to open one new unit of cyber cell in all 15 districts.

Till now, there used to be special staff, vehicle theft squad, and district investigation unit. The cyber cell of the district will now look into the cybercrime cases in the district.

The Delhi Police already has a special unit of a cyber cell to deal with major cases of cybercrime. The commissioners are engaged in activating the cyber units of the district.

1300 policemen have been given special training in dealing with cybercrime. From January to March, where the number of cybercrime was two thousand, between April and July, more than four thousand cases were registered per month.

The soldier caught in bribe again.

Policemen posted in the police stations and units of the northern range are constantly facing allegations of bribery.

Four months ago, the four policemen stationed at the Jahangirpuri police station were also sacked from the carnage in Ganja’s rigging, yet the policemen are not ready to improve.

In the latest case, one lakh bribe was demanded from a medical store owner by becoming an NCB officer on the constable Satish posted in the reserve team created by the Joint Commissioner for the protection of Singhu Border.

He gave 40 thousand and promised to give the remaining amount later. Later, when the store owner came to know that Satish did not belong to NCB, he filed a complaint against him in the police station and vigilance.

During the investigation, the first observation was found to be correct. It is a matter of discussion that the gun is set to fall on the said soldier. The Joint Commissioner has formed a reserve team of 60 policemen.

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