Delhi Police Raise Questions On Mumbai Police

Delhi Police raise questions on Mumbai Police, why does Mumbai Police not come to Tihar for investigation: Mukesh Ambani Bomb Threat.

Tires are being connected to Tihar Jail in the case of 20 gelatin sticks found in Scorpio outside Antilia, home of Mukesh Ambani, a renowned industrialist of the country and the world.

The mobile number, using the Internet, through the Telegram channel that Jaish-ul-Hind claimed responsibility for possessing the explosives, is the number that any prisoner of Tihar Jail is using.

Following this information from the Mumbai Police, all the security agencies, including the special cell, are involved in the investigation.

At the same time, a senior Delhi Police official said that if the police found a connection to Tihar in the case of explosives-laden Scorpio outside Ambani’s house, why did the police not come to Tihar to investigate.

The Mumbai Police may have found enough evidence that if they got the information about the Jaish-ul-Hind outfit’s terrorists being closed down in Tihar, they should come to Delhi and investigate.

This organization has been on the radar of the Delhi Police since the Israeli blasts. To date, no information has been found about this organization.

No security agency is aware of this organization. It has neither got any connection with any terrorist organization nor information about funding from anywhere.

Please tell here that Jaish-ul-Hind is the same organization that claimed responsibility for the blast on January 29 near the Israeli Embassy in Delhi.

The IP address of the said Telegram channel was also found in Tihar. The connection of these two big cases with Tihar Jail has raised questions over its security system.

Delhi Police raise questions on Mumbai Police: Explosives found in Scorpio on February 25.

On 25 February, explosives were found in a Scorpio parked outside Antilia. On 26 February, Jaish-ul-Hindu claimed responsibility for placing explosives through the Telegram channel (a group of sorts on the Telegram app, in which only an administrator can post posts).

The organization had demanded bitcoin and threatened to endanger the lives of family members if not given.

However, on 27 February, Telegram shied away from taking responsibility through the channel and said that it does not do such activities. Indian intelligence agencies do such a thing to discredit him.

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