Entry Of Naxalites In Large Numbers In Bihar

Entry of Naxalites in large numbers in Bihar, activity intensified in Bhagalpur-Banka-Jamui-Munger and Lakhisarai.

Naxalites have once again intensified in the Naxal-affected districts of Bihar. Many Naxalites have been arrested in the ongoing operation against Naxalites.

In recent days, even the call of the Naxalites for the bandh has not been allowed by the jawans. But now the intelligence department has once again alerted the local police and paramilitary forces.

Along with this, the report of Naxalite activity has been submitted to the headquarters.

According to the report, the sudden movement of Naxalites has intensified in the forest and hilly areas of Banka, Jamui, Munger, and Lakhisarai.

The team of intelligence officers has received information about the movement of the Naxalite squad thrice in Katoria, Belhar, and Chandan areas of Banka.

At the same time, vandals of Naxalites were seen traveling 30 times in the forest and hilly areas of Naklal-affected Jamui district, 25 in Munger, 18 times in Lakhisarai, and once in Sajaur Ratanganj of Bhagalpur.

In their reconnaissance, the traveling intelligence team was seen, but the local people were also informed about their arrival.

In this regard, the intelligence officers have submitted their reports to the headquarters.

After this, paramilitary forces and local police have been alerted in Naxal-affected Banka, Jamui, Munger, Lakhisarai districts.

The troops of both the forces are fully prepared to curb the Naxalite activities in their respective areas and give a befitting reply to them.

If intelligence sources are to be believed, the intelligence team has also gathered information about recent visits to Ratanganj of Sajore police station area of ​​Bhagalpur, adjacent to Bhagalpur border and Bhadaria area of ​​Amarpur.

The vanguard squads of Naxalites have been sighted 25 times recently in Kharagpur Lake, Bhaiskol, Axe, and Bariyarpur hill areas of Bariyarpur, Sakhol, Paisra, Majhalwatand, Haveli Kharagpur in Munger district, Kandni.

At the same time, the squad of Naxalites 30 times in Jamui, Chormara, Mushharitand, Sinduria and Carmegh, Gidheshwar mountain of Khaira.

Murli Pahar, Sikandra, Dumardiha of Chakai, Bhelwa, Dudhpaniya of Piri Bazar, Bendra of Chandmandi, Thana forest area, Sapaha, Seen in Jhajha’s Twins.

Activity has intensified in Lakhisarai’s Kajra, Piri Bazar, and Chanan. The Maoist squads have been sighted 18 times in Bichla Tola, Sheetla Kodasi in Kajra, Hanuman Thanr Lathiakol and Bangalwa in Piri Bazar and Gobardaha and Chehdaun areas in Chanan.

Talking about Banka district, the activity of Naxalites has been seen in the forest and hilly areas of Katoria, Belhar, and Chandan here.

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