Fierce Fighting Between Russian And Ukrainian Army In Donbas

Fierce fighting between Russian and Ukrainian Army In Donbas: Russia Ukraine War.

With the Fierce fighting in Donbas, the Russian army is having the upper hand, Russia agrees to the evacuation of wounded Ukrainian soldiers from a steel factory.

The Russian army, which has ended the siege of the city of Kharkiv, is also having to retreat to the nearby areas.

Due to the increasing pressure from the Ukrainian army, the Russian army had to move toward its border. The Russian border is just 50 kilometers from Kharkiv city.

Experts believe that the Russian army has lost the mobility to advance, now the Ukrainian army and its civilian fighters are benefiting.

The Russians are finding it difficult to stop the freshly lovable Ukrainians from moving forward.

Meanwhile, there is news that Russia has agreed to evacuate wounded Ukrainian soldiers from the Ajovstal steel factory in Maripol. Around 600 injured can be evacuated in a day or two.

Ukraine’s defense ministry said its troops reached the Russian border on Monday. Meaning, that the Ukrainian army has evacuated its land near Kharkiv from the Russian army.

Kharkiv’s governor, Oleh Sinegubov, said that the troops had regained pre-war status. For this, he congratulated all Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.

While the Russian army is overwhelming in Luhansk in eastern Ukraine. The Russian army is trying to capture the strategically important town of Severodonsk.

The Russian army is trying to capture 23 villages and towns of Luhansk and Donetsk (Donbass) by relentlessly shelling them.

There are also reports of Russian missile attacks on civilian targets in Mykolaiv.

McDonald’s and Renault begin winding up.

US-owned restaurant chain McDonald’s has said it has started selling its restaurants located in Russia.

The company has said that it is engaged in winding up its business by complying with the sanctions imposed on Russia. In a few months, it will close its 847 restaurants in Russia and sell them.

French carmaker Renault has also announced to wind up its business with Russia.

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