Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day Is Being Celebrated

Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day is being celebrated today; CM Yeddyurappa participates in the welfare Karnataka festival. CM will be launching various development projects, including a continuous water supply project to Kalaburgi at a cost of Rs 837 crore. Then CM Yeddyurappa will go directly to Delhi.

The welfare Karnataka festival will be held today across Karnataka including Kalaburgi. Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa will be running the Kalyani Karnataka Festival, organized as part of the Hyderabad-Karnataka Liberation Day. But there is fear that the overnight rainfall will disrupt the welfare of the Karnataka festival.

The welfare Karnataka festival is held in six districts including Kaluburgi. CM BS Yeddyurappa will arrive in Kalaburgi on a special flight to inaugurate the festival. CM BSY’s daughter will perform at  Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel stadium 8.30 am today.

Then at 9 a.m. the D.A.R., The nation will be flagged off on the field and will be launched for the welfare Karnataka festival. CM will address the people. CM Yeddyurappa will lead to various development works. CM will be involved in various development projects, including a sustainable water supply scheme for the Jayabeva Cardiology Institute, then CM Yeddyurappa will go directly to Delhi.

DCM and District Treasury Minister Govinda Karajola and others will be participating in the welfare Karnataka festival. In the midst of the GT rains, welfare is in preparation for the Karnataka festival. People are getting ready for the grand reception of CM.

Banners, bunting, and flex are roaming across the road, and CM and other dignitaries have been invited to a grand reception. But the festival is facing rain disruption anxiety. If the rain is pouring overnight, it is doubtful that the CM will land.

KKRDB has said that the welfare group of Karnataka has arranged a TV screen for all the village panchayats. President Dattatreya Patil Revura said. CM Yeddyurappa Jayadeva will run various development works, including the foundation stone for the Heart Institute building, a 24/7 continuous water supply system for the city of Kalabargi.

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