India Can Take Unexpected Steps If Status Quo Is Not Restored

India can take unexpected steps if the status quo is not restored in Ladakh: CDS General Bipin Rawat.

India and China are able to restore the status quo in eastern Ladakh in a normal manner as peace and stability prevail in the region, which is in the interest of both countries.

General Bipin Rawat, Chief of the Three Services (CDS) has said this. In a program organized by the think tank.

General Rawat said, India is ready to take an unexpected step, as it did in the eastern Ladakh region. We have asked everyone to be ready always.

Don’t take things lightly. We are ready to respond and respond to any unforeseen action. As we have done in the past, so we are also capable of doing in the future.

Chinese soldiers gathering in Depsang.

General Rawat said this in response to a question. Obviously, by the steps taken in the past, he meant the deployment of the army overnight in May 2020 in high-altitude areas in the Pangong Lake area.

After this, the infiltrating Chinese army came under the target of Indian soldiers and after that, the attitude of China loosened and from there the Chinese soldiers had to return to their border.

At present, Chinese troops are occupying some areas including Depsang, and are strengthening their presence.

The peaceful solution will come out.

Responding to a question regarding the restoration of normalcy in the areas under illegal occupation of China.

General Rawat said, “Both sides continue talks at the political, diplomatic and military level, a peaceful solution to the problem will come out.”

It may take some time but it is the only way to restore the status quo to normalcy.

Maintain the previous position.

Chief of the three services, CDS General Rawat, said that if the status quo does not arise as before, then obviously there will be a risk of unforeseen incidents.

Therefore, both countries should understand that maintaining the former position is necessary for peace and stability in the region.

In response to another question, General Rawat said, if China reneged on its promise to withdraw, then India would also increase the army and resources to regain its territory.

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