India Will Chair Three Important Committees Of The UNSC

India will chair three important committees of the Security Council, know about them. India will chair three important committees of the Security Council of the United Nations in the year 2022.

These three are – Taliban Sanction Committee, Counter-Terrorism Committee, and Libya Sanction Committee. India’s permanent representative in the Security Council, TS Trimurti, has given this information.

He says that the Taliban Sanction Committee has always been the first priority for India. India has always favored peace in Afghanistan and accelerating the pace of development.

He has also said that India has been facing terrorism from across the border for years. India is a victim of terrorism.

In his video message posted on Twitter, Trimurti has said that India will be chairing these three committees when the country is celebrating the 75th anniversary of India’s independence.

Learn about these committees at a glance:

The Taliban also know the Sections Committee by the name of the 1988 Sections Committee. It was first implemented on 15 October 1999.

This committee was created specifically to curb Al Qaeda and its chief Osama bin Laden, including the Taliban.

The Counter-Terrorism Committee was formed after the 9/11 attacks in the US in September 2001. India has also chaired this committee in the year 2011-12.

The Libyan Sections Committee is also known as the 1970 Sections Committee. This is a very special auxiliary committee of the Security Council.

This committee takes a hard line against terrorism and the weapons they receive in Libya. Also prohibits the movement of members of terrorist groups and empowers countries to seize their assets.

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