Indian Forces Are Working In A Very Complex Environment

Indian forces are working in a very complex environment- CDS General Rawat said.

Chief of Defense Staff General Bipin Rawat said that if India’s military strength is not strong, then the country’s opposing forces will take advantage of this.

Indian armed forces are operating in a very complex and uncertain environment. They will have to continue increasing their capacity to maintain peace in the region.

CDS Rawat said- India wants to share its military capabilities with neighboring allies

CDS Rawat said on Tuesday that India wants to share its military capabilities with neighboring allies. If even remote neighbors want India’s support, then they will also support them.

CDS Rawat said – Strong military is needed to protect the country.

In the inaugural session of the fifth annual conference of defense and military issues portal Bharatshakti.in, General Rawat said that today we are working in a very complex, uncertain, and changing environment.

Small or big battles are going on in almost all regions of the world. So if we have to protect ourselves, protect our country, protect the integrity of our country, and protect our people, then we all need a strong army.

CDS said- Strong military force necessary for establishing peace in the region

He said that then we say that the armed forces should be ready for war? Armed forces must develop such capabilities that peace is established in the region.

If we do not have strong military forces, then the opponents will take advantage of this.

New techniques will be promoted in the defense sector due to tension between India-China on the border

General Rawat’s statement came at a time when tension has been going on at the border between India and China for six months.

In this conference, reading the message of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it is told that the campaign has been launched to build modern equipment and to promote new technologies in the defense sector to create a modern and self-reliant India.

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