Israel Appointed 2 Women At The Top Position In Mossad

Israel appointed 2 women in the top position in Mossad. Israel gave a big shock to Iran by posting 2 women in the top position in Mossad.

Israel’s intelligence agency Mossad, known for its horrifying and amazing feats around the world, recently took a big historic decision by appointing women to its two important posts.

Mossad gave them code names to hide the identity of the two women.

While code name ‘A’ has been made head of Mossad’s intelligence department, the other hand code name ‘K’ has been made head of the Iran department.

With the deployment of these two x women, there are now four women in the executive forum headed by Mossad.

The woman named Code ‘A’ has been working in Mossad for the last twenty years and has been given the responsibility for issues related to international terrorism and the normalization of relations with Arab countries, including Iran’s atomic deal.

Israel appointed 2 women in the top position: Mossad is the world’s second-largest intelligence agency.

The annual budget of Mossad, which is considered to be the second synonym of fear around the world, is said to be 3 billion dollars and about 7 thousand people work in it.

Mossad was founded in 1940 by David Ben Gurion, the founder and first prime minister of Israel. At that time its purpose was to save Jews and attack Arab rioters.

Mossad has carried out many amazing missions in Iran.

In November 2020, Iran’s leading nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakijeddar was assassinated by a remote-controlled machine gun with the help of artificial intelligence.

Earlier in January 2018, theft was carried out at a storage facility 30 km from Tehran.

In less than seven hours, 27 out of 32 safe locks were tampered with, after which secretly missing intelligence atomic documents were found two months later in Tel Aviv, Israel, 2,000 kilometers away.

Iran’s nuclear program is the most important for Israel today. There have been frequent reports of Israel’s military planning to destroy Iran’s nuclear bases.

History of female spies.

For centuries, female spies have been used to keep an eye on the activities of other countries and kings.

Mata Hari, Nancy Wake, Ethel Rosenberg, Anna Champman, and Josephine Baker have been the world’s famous female detectives. Thousands of female spies worked against Germany during World War II.

These women did their job well without worrying about the fear of being caught by firing squads and German spying.

Today it is not possible to estimate the number of female spies working in intelligence agencies around the world.

But Israel has taken the right step on the path of honoring the work by giving top positions to two women in Mossad.

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