Kapil Dev On ‘Split Captaincy’, – No Company Can Have Two CEOs

Kapil Dev on ‘split captaincy’, – no company can have two CEOs. The great Indian captain’s statement on ‘split captaincy’, said – no company can have two CEOs.

Mumbai Indians have won the IPL 2020 title under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma. In the last 8 years, Rohit Sharma has led the team to Mumbai and has given 5 titles to the team.

In such a situation, after winning the 13th season of IPL, there has been a demand to make him at least the captain of India’s T20 team.

However, Kapil Dev, the former great captain of the Indian team, does not agree with the split captaincy and has stated that an MNC cannot have two CEOs.

Kapil Dev has answered the question of whether India should have a split captaincy in its national cricket team or not? Virat Kohli is currently leading India in all three formats.

To this Kapil Dev has said, “It doesn’t happen in our culture.

In a company, you make two CEOs? If Kohli is playing T20 and he is good enough.

Let him be there. Though I can exclude other people Would like to see it come, it’s hard. ” He said this at a virtual summit.

He added, “70-80 percent of our three formats are the same team. They don’t like captains with different principles. It can make a lot of difference between players who look up to the captain.

If you have If there are two captains, the players may think that he is going to be my captain in the Test. I will not offend him.

” Kapil Dev has said about the young players that they should not think only about T20 or IPL. Money is a factor, but they should play all types of cricket.

Captain Kapil Dev, who won the World Cup in the country in 1983, has also said that the team that will win the four-match Test series between India and Australia.

He should also win the ICC World Test Championship. Currently, the teams of India and Australia are in the top 2.

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