Karnataka Temple Demolition: Congress Will Attack BJP

Karnataka temple demolition: BJP expect to be attacked by the opposition in the assembly today.

Despite the ruling BJP in Karnataka introducing the Karnataka Religious Structure (Protection) Bill 2021 in the assembly, the opposition will raise the issue of temple demolition in the session on Tuesday.

The opposition is expected to dominate the BJP. Congress is all set to attack the BJP by questioning the government’s commitment to protecting the temples.

Congress has been attacking the government over rising inflation and Siddaramaiah has called it a ‘criminal loot’.

The phrase ‘criminal robbery’ was coined by the late former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee against the then Prime Minister Late Indira Gandhi over the inflation of the time.

Buoyed by an energetic start to the session with bullock carts and cycle yatras, the opposition is getting ready to attack the ruling BJP, questioning its commitment to Hindutva.

Siddaramaiah, who has raised the issue of the demolition of a temple near Nanjangud, has already troubled the ruling BJP.

The opposition is also trying to send a message that the BJP has taken the temple demolition issue casually.

The ruling BJP, which has come under heavy pressure from all sides over the issue of temple demolition, which has come under attack from Hindutva forces, is on a defensive mode and is therefore trying to enact a new law.

The new bill, introduced in the assembly on Monday, aims to protect unauthorized places of worship built in the state.

It will protect all religious centers including temples, churches, mosques, and other major religious constructions built on public property without permission.

After a decision in the cabinet, Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai introduced the bill.

Playgrounds, parks, streets, and other public places are expected to protect illegal religious centers across the state following an SC order in 2009.

6,300 religious structures have been declared illegal across the state. The Bill also seeks to prevent illegal religious places from entering public places in the future.

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