Kashmiri Hindu Exile Day: There Are Tears, There Is A Pain

Kashmiri Hindu Exile Day: There are tears, there is pain but there is the hope of justice even after 32 years.

That dark night of 19 January 1990. Such a whirlwind of fundamentalism arose that lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus became destitute on their own soil.

Since then, 32 years have passed in waiting for justice, but neither the healing wounds could be healed nor did they get their soil.

The house, the land had all been looted and what was left was only hope buried in a heap of tears, pain, and assurances.

Despite this, neither the tyrant could break the spirit nor the spirit to fight for the right. Trying to hide the tears, elders living in a one-room house in Jagti, Jammu, say that the hope of justice is not lost yet.

This fight for our rights and our soil (Panun Kashmir) will continue till the last breath.

Pass through Srinagar or any city of Kashmir, even today the havelies in those ruins are waiting for the return of their loved ones.

The silence of the buildings narrates the story of what the Kashmiri Hindus must have suffered before the exile.

That period was such that the governments were silent on this issue and no one was going to listen to their pain or even listened to them.

But these Kashmiri Hindus did not let their fight weaken. He kept on knocking on every door where even the slightest ray of hope could be seen.

In these three decades, many times the power changed, the politics changed and every time new hope was seen floating in the eyes of these Kashmiri Hindus.

But the dreams of bringing Kashmiri Hindus back home remained entangled only in the tactic of power and politics.

Now there is great hope again. The government has been seen in action for the first time.

The government is listening to him for the first time but he has been deceived so many times that even now the thread of faith seems to be loose.

The first major step towards the restoration of the honor has been taken and the cases related to land grabbing are being heard expeditiously.

A large number of cases have also been disposed of expeditiously. The property sold at throwaway prices has also started being in his name.

This alertness of the government certainly encourages, but the way back to the valley does not seem easy from here.

Prince Tikku, belonging to the exiled community, says that he still remembers the scene of panic. Not only the situation, everything was turning upside down.

There was a call to leave the valley over the loudspeakers. In order to save the honor of daughters-in-law more than their lives, they left their homes overnight and left for Jammu.

Some stayed in Jammu and some towards other states of the country. The more easily it is allowed to happen, the more it is increasing the fear.

Kashmiri Hindu Exile Day: Major Demands of Pandits.

The Temple Bill should be passed to preserve the temples of Kashmir. This will convince us Kashmiri Pandits that the government really wants the return of Kashmiri Hindus to the Valley.

Kashmir Hindus would like to settle in one place in the valley. They want a separate homeland. That is Panun Kashmir. Only then will he be able to stay safe in the valley.

There should be a system of employment for Kashmiri Pandits.

The attacks against them should be investigated and the culprits should be punished.

These efforts were made to return the valley.

There was a promise to provide six thousand jobs to the exiles under the Prime Minister’s package. More than three thousand jobs were also given.

The website has been launched to give possession of properties to the exiles. On the basis of thousands of complaints, orders have been made to get possession of the land.

Efforts are being made to restore the splendor of the temples.

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