Khalistani Angle Came To The Fore In The Pradeep Singh Murder Case

Khalistani angle came to the fore in the Pradeep Singh murder case, the connection of 3 arrested shooters with terrorist Rinda.

Khalistani angle has come to the fore in the murder of Dera Premi Pradeep Singh in the Faridkot district of Punjab.

In the Pradeep Singh murder case, the Special Cell Counter Intelligence Unit of Delhi Police has arrested three shooters from Punjab.

If sources are to be believed, these three shooters, who were caught by the Delhi Police, have links with Rinda, a Khalistani terrorist sitting in Pakistan.

Even before this, the Khalistani angle had come to the fore in the Sudhir Suri murder case.

Let us tell you that the gangster Goldy Brar of Lawrence Bishnoi gang has taken responsibility for the murder of Dera lover Pradeep Singh.

On Thursday, Dera Premi Pradeep, who was an accused in the 2015 sacrilege incident, was shot dead by unidentified assailants.

Actually, there are 6 criminals who carried out the Dera Premi Pradeep Singh murder case in Faridkot, Punjab, who came on 3 bikes.

Those 3 bikes have been taken over by the police but the number plate on those 3 bikes is fake. Meanwhile, the police have raided the houses of suspected attackers in Faridkot city.

The police have also raided the house of Bhupinder Singh Goldie and Manpreet Singh Mani, who live on Sadiq Road. Both the suspects are missing for the last 4-5 days and are addicted to drugs.

Here, Bhupinder Singh Goldie’s family claims that he is not in the house for four-five days and he works as a laborer. The family said that the police is harassing us unnecessarily.


However, the family said that if he has done something wrong then he must be punished. At present, the police have taken the mobile from his house.

On the other hand, Manpreet Singh alias Mani’s mother Naseeb Kaur said that the police had come to our house and we have already evicted our boy because he is addicted to drugs.

Manpreet’s father is a Haat patient and he said that his son did not come to the house for four-five days.

It is being told that the police have got important clues in this incident and the police have got the local connection of the shooters.

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