NIA Action Against An Organization Inspired By The Terrorist Group ISIS

NIA action against an organization inspired by the terrorist group ISIS, the property attached.

NIA has confiscated a poultry farm in Madhya Pradesh believed to have been used by members of the IS-inspired terrorist group ‘Sufa’. An official informed us about this on Tuesday.

Used to prepare new cadres.

Imran Khan’s property at Julwania village in Ratlam district was attached under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act in connection with a conspiracy to commit terrorist acts in Rajasthan, a spokesperson of the federal counter-terrorism agency said.

The official said the poultry farm was used by SUFA members to radicalize new cadres and train them in how to make improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

NIA action against an organization inspired by the terrorist group: Many properties were attached last year as well.

The NIA had filed a charge sheet against Khan and 10 other accused on September 22 last year. In this, explosives and components used to make IEDs were seized.

The NIA said that a case was registered against a newly formed local terrorist group ‘Sufa’ in April 2022 in connection with an alleged conspiracy to commit terrorist acts in Rajasthan.

Sufa’s inclination toward Jihadi ideology.

The spokesman said the probe revealed that ‘Sufa’ was deeply inspired by the activities of the global terror group ISIS and was inclined towards the Jihadi ideology.

“The members of Sufa had inspired other youths of the area to join the group to carry out terrorist acts,” the official said.


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