President Xi Jinping Directed Chinese Military Into The Ladakh

President Xi Jinping Directed the Chinese military into the Ladakh, American magazine disclosed. Chinese soldiers who entered Ladakh under the command of President Xi Jinping, 60 were killed in Galwan. President Xi Jinping himself is the perpetrator of the recent incursions by the Chinese military into the Ladakh region of India.

But the Chinese army is taken aback by the aggressive way the Indian Army responded. On June 15, 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a violent confrontation in the Galwan Valley, while at least 43 Chinese soldiers were killed in retaliation, the number may also be 60.

This unexpected response from India proved China’s move to be a flop. The Chinese president is now looking for a way to protect the future in his country. Newsweek, the prestigious magazine of America has said this in its latest issue. The magazine wrote that the ruling Communist Party of China is currently undergoing a transition.

In such a situation, the challenges are increasing for Chinfing. The failure of the Chinese army on the Indian border may be overshadowed by the Jinping in the party organization. The failure of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) can have adverse consequences for Jinping.

When the PLA infiltrated the base on the northern shore of Pangong So Lake, the Indian soldiers captured the nearby hills to answer it. Now all the activities of Chinese soldiers are in the eyes of Indian soldiers. They can be targeted easily if they mess up a bit.

President Jinping is also the chairman of China’s Central Military Commission. In this sense, he is responsible for every activity of the PLA. The PLA cannot take any step without their approval. Therefore, certainly, as the highest officer of the army, Jinping has given the green signal for violation of the Indian border.

According to Leo Pascal of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, the magazine said the number of soldiers killed in a collision in Galvan could be up to 60. China was not expecting the firepower that Indian soldiers responded to the Chinese army.

Due to this, China could not say anything about its loss in the collision. This may be overshadowed in the coming days for Jinping. The second occasion of surprise for the Chinese army was when Indian troops captured the peaks of the surrounding hills in early September.

Due to this, all the Chinese soldiers present in the valley hit their target. Chinese soldiers also tried to get rid of the hills from Indian soldiers but they failed.

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