Every Effort Will Be Made To Avoid War On Two Fronts, Said Army Chief Manoj Pandey

Every effort will be made to avoid war on two fronts, said Army Chief Manoj Pandey. Nevertheless, the army should be prepared to deal with such a situation.

Army Chief General Manoj Pandey says that efforts will be made in all areas to avoid the situation of war on two fronts, but the army needs to be prepared for such a situation.

In the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he said that it is a ‘big lesson for us’ in the strategic sector, at the operational level, and also at the strategic level.

When asked about the ‘two-front war situation’ in a dialogue session organized by a news channel, General Pandey said that ‘efforts will be made in all fields to avoid a two-front war situation’.

But I believe that we still need to be prepared that how you will use your resources and how you will use them if such a situation arises.

Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said that at present we are looking at this context and we have plans, depending on what is the first front and the second front’ Major General Pandey said that ‘It is based on various factors.


Every effort will be made to avoid war on two fronts
Army Chief Manoj Pandey

There is work related to and in terms of the level of our preparedness, we will continue to prepare towards fighting a war on two fronts. ‘

Many defense experts use the term two front in the context of India’s northern and western borders.

On the Russia-Ukraine conflict, he said an important lesson at the strategic level is that it has “reaffirmed the relevance of hard power”.

Every effort will be made to avoid war on two fronts: General Pandey said that ‘this has shown that where national interests are involved, countries will not hesitate to go to war.

Secondly, the land will always remain a decisive area of battle, especially where there are disputed borders.

Just like in our case, the belief is that victory will always be land centric.” On the Agneepath scheme of recruitment in the armed forces, he said it is a “transformational reform” that will change the way security forces manage human resources.

Will bring a ‘revolutionary change or change’ in India and the benefits of this scheme are manifold.

He said that it will help us to connect more youth with the Indian Army, and more technically skilled youth will join the army.

General Pandey said that ‘we will have a ‘fit army’ and increased availability of troops in combat frontline units.

‘ He said that ‘We are confident that at the end of four years when we will really start seeing the results’ It will be a good situation not only for the army but also for society and the country.

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