What Is GE-F414 Engine, Through Which India Will Overtake China-Pakistan

What is GE-F414 engine, through which India will overtake China-Pakistan; Only four countries have such technology.

India US Deal GE-F414 Engine: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US state visit proved historic and important in many ways.

His historic visit has led to an important deal in the defense sector between India and the US.

There have been agreements between India and America regarding the GE-F414 Engine, which is historic in itself. It was considered a milestone.

Let us tell you that after getting the GE-F414 engine technology, India will now become one of the powerful countries that have this technology at present.

India will use this engine in its light combat aircraft Tejas. With this technology, India will now leave China and Pakistan behind.

What is GE-F414 Engine Technology?

GE-F414 Engine – This engine is manufactured by the American multinational company General Electric (GE). This engine is a turbofan engine, which is lightweight.

The US Navy is using this engine. For the past 30 years, the GE-F414 engine has been showcasing its might. It is a very time-tested engine, which is being used in many countries including America.

Its performance can be gauged from the fact that this engine has flown more than 5 million hours so far. The company making it has so far made more than 1600 engines, which are being used in fighter jets.

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