Cache Of Arms Recovered From Ganderbal’s Sarada Bagh Forest

Cache of arms recovered from Ganderbal’s Sarada Bagh forest, search operation underway: Militancy In Kashmir.

Continuing their anti-militancy operation in the Kashmir Valley, the security forces today conducted a search operation in the Sarada Bagh forests of district Ganderbal on Wednesday.

The terrorists were not found during the operation, but the security forces have found a cache of weapons. These weapons were kept hidden in a cave-like place under the rocks in the forest.

According to the information received from the police, on the basis of credible information.

The SOG of the police and the 118 battalion of CRPF conducted a search operation in the forests of Sarada Bagh of Ganderbal.

The security forces had got information that they had seen some kind of movement in the forest. Due to the possibility of being a terrorist, the security forces started the search operation.

Cache of arms recovered: After going deep enough, the security forces found a cave-like place under a rock.

On investigation, they felt that there could be the presence of terrorists in the cave. When it was sure that no one was present inside, the cave was searched.

The security forces were shocked to see that ammunition had been kept inside. They continued the search operation around the area after taking all the weapons in their possession.

When it was confirmed that the terrorists were not present nearby, the security personnel returned from there with all the weapons.

The weapons recovered include grenades including two AK-47 magazines, its rounds, some open 9mm rounds. Security forces say that these weapons seem to be quite old from the view.

That is, they were kept here for a long time and no one came to take them. At the same time, taking the weapons in their possession, a case has been registered in this regard by the police.

At the same time, Srinagar Sector CRPF has also confirmed this by tweeting in this regard.

Police say that they have alerted the people living in the surrounding areas. They have been asked to inform if any suspicious activity is noticed.

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