CDS General Bipin Rawat Flies In Rafale Fighter Aircraft

CDS General Bipin Rawat flies in Rafale, fighter aircraft of two countries seen in skies. The Indian Rafale aircraft demonstrated its strength on Thursday from Jodhpur airbase in Rajasthan.

Rafael aircraft from both countries flew during Desert Night-21, a joint exercise of the Air Force of India and France. After this, Sukhai and Miraj were also seen doing skies in the sky.

CDS (Chief of Defense Staff) General Bipin Rawat also reached Jodhpur airbase during this time. He also flew in Rafale aircraft. CDS Rawat was briefed on the tactics to be followed during joint maneuvers.

Significantly, the joint exercise of the Indian and French forces, which started on Wednesday, will last for a week. Other aircraft, including Rafale fighters from both countries, arrived on Wednesday.

The soldiers of the two countries involved in the exercise were introduced to each other on the first day. After this, a strategy of maneuvers was prepared in the war room till late at night. Teams from both countries arrived at the airbase with preparations early on Thursday morning.

First, the Rafale planes of France then flew by Indian planes. In the exercise, the game of destroying the target by entering each other’s airspace, leaving each other behind, began.

During this time, one team was the attacker and the other was defensive. The attacking team had to penetrate inside and engage in practice while penetrating the security cover of the other team. During this, both fired dummy missiles at each other.

A war room has been built on the airbase itself. In this, experts from both countries are keeping an eye on the movements of the aircraft and pilots who are participating in the exercise.

On his instructions, the maneuvers between the fighter planes of both countries are carried out. Indian Air Force aircraft in the maneuvers include Mirage-2000, SU-30, MKI, IL-78, Flight Refueling Aircraft, Airborne Early Air End System.

At the same time, French aircraft include French Rafale, Airbus A-330, Multirole Tanker Transport, A-400M Technical Transport Aircraft. 175 French airmen are participating in this exercise.

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