FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Japan Registers Unexpected Victory Against Germany

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qatar: Japan registers unexpected victory against Germany.

Second big upset in FIFA World Cup, Japan registers unexpected victory over 4-time world champion Germany

In another major upset of the FIFA World Cup on Wednesday, Japan recorded a shocking victory over Germany.

Earlier, Saudi Arabia had registered a victory over World Cup contender Argentina, which is considered to be the biggest upset in World Cup history.

Japan, the second Asian team after Arabia, registered an unexpected victory over Germany.

Japan surprised everyone by defeating 4-time world champion Germany 2-1 in the Group E match. The German team initially dominated the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

Germany made a penalty shoot-out in the 33rd minute. But Germany could not score the second goal. On the other hand, Japan continued to attack Germany and in the end registered an upset victory.

This was Germany’s third defeat in their first match of a major competition. Earlier in the 2018 FIFA Cup, he was defeated by Mexico, and in Euro 2020 by France.


The German team made a unique protest regarding the One Love armband.

Germany’s players cover their faces during the team’s first pre-match photo shoot at the World Cup amid FIFA’s crackdown on plans to wear armbands to protest discrimination in host country Qatar method of condemnation.

The team lined up in the traditional way before Wednesday’s match against Japan, but all 11 players covered their faces with their right hands.

It appears that this was a response to FIFA’s warning to the seven European federations, including Germany.

FIFA had said that players would be punished for wearing colorful ‘One Love’ armbands as a symbol of inclusion and diversity.

The captains of these seven teams had planned to wear armbands. Qatar has been under scrutiny for its human rights record and laws criminalizing homosexuality.

FIFA issued a warning on Monday while a few hours later the captain of the first of these 7 teams had to walk off wearing an armband.

FIFA said that the players will be shown the yellow card immediately.

Germany’s coach Hansi Flick and the president of the Football Federation, Bernd Neuendorff, were among those who criticized FIFA’s decision.

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