Former DMK MP KP Ramalingam Joins BJP

Former DMK MP KP Ramalingam joins BJP and will meet Amit Shah. He was the secretary of the agriculture team in the DMK and was also a state MP.

Former BJP MP KP Ramalingam, who was expelled from the DMK, has reportedly joined the BJP and will meet Amit Shah, who is coming to Tamil Nadu today.

KP Ramalingam was removed from all responsibilities, including a basic member of the DMK, last April. KP Ramalingam was expelled from the party due to a disagreement with DMK leader MK Stalin.

KP Ramalingam, a two-time AIADMK MLA, joined the DMK. He was the secretary of the agriculture team in the DMK and was also a state MP.

In this situation, KP Ramalingam has met BJP Tamil Nadu in-charge of CT Ravi.

Following this, it has been reported that Amit Shah, who is coming to Tamil Nadu to participate in government programs, has an internet presence in the BJP.

Amit Shah Tour Details

Amit Shah is visiting Tamil Nadu for the first time since taking over as Union Home Minister. He will leave Delhi today (Saturday) at 10.30 am and arrive at Chennai Airport at 1.45 pm.

There he is warmly welcomed by the Tamil Nadu government and the BJP. After that, Raja arrives at the Leela Palace Star Hotel in Annamalaipuram by road at 1.55 pm.

Amit Shah, who is resting there for a while, leaves at 4.15 pm and arrives at the Art Gallery. He is scheduled to address a function on behalf of the government at the Kalaivanar Arena from 4.30 pm to 6 pm

At the time, he will be dedicating the Rs 380 crore Tharvai Kandikai water reservoir to the people through video conferencing.

He will also envil various projects, including the Rs 67 crore Metro Rail Phase II project, the expansion of the Chennai Trade Center, and the Indian Oil Corporation project.

He will then return to Leela Palace to hold consultations with BJP district executives from 6.20 pm. The two-hour meeting is followed by a meeting of the party’s high-level committee.

In this, the development of the BJP in Tamil Nadu and the legislative elections are to be discussed. Moreover, key decisions are said to be made regarding the electoral alliance.

Amit Shah, who is staying in Chennai for the night, will leave for Delhi at 10 am on Sunday.

As political parties begin to intensify their opposition to the forthcoming Assembly general elections in Tamil Nadu, Amit Shah’s visit has generated great anticipation in the political arena.

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