How Operation Trishul Of The Navy Changed The Indo-Pak War Of 1971

How Operation Trishul of the navy changed the Indo-Pak war of 1971: Indian Navy Day 2022.

How Operation Trishul changed the Indo-Pak war of 1971. All three branches of the armed forces have their own importance for India’s security.

Army, Navy (Indian Navy), and Air Force. But will the Indian Navy play a lesser role than the Air Force and Army in a war with neighboring countries such as Pakistan and China?

Geographically, they look the same, but if you feel the same, you would have read the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War and India’s Operation Trishul or Trident in it.

You need to know how the Indian Navy subdued Pakistan. The same day i.e. December 4th is celebrated as Indian Navy Day 2022 every year.

December 4th Operation Trident.

On 4 December 1971 India attacked Pakistan as part of Operation Trident, attacking and destroying a Pakistani naval base in Karachi.

After that, Pakistan could not recover from the war and eventually had to kneel, followed by Bangladesh. This is why the Indian Navy celebrates the 4th of December as an anniversary.

Previously, this method has changed several times. Response to Pakistani Attack

On December 3, 1971, Pakistan attacked India’s airspace and border areas, marking the beginning of the war.

However, India also responded immediately and launched Operation Trishul or Trident, during which the Indian Navy Group delivered a sudden, sharp blow to Pakistani ships off the coast of Karachi.

What happened in the attack on Bharata?

This group included a missile carrier and two battleships from the Indian side. This is the first time India has attacked a ship with an anti-ship missile.

Because of this, the Indian Navy destroyed the entire Karachi port and destroyed four Pakistani ships and an oil tanker.

The tanker fire was so terrible that the flames could be seen from 60 km away, and the fire did not go out for seven days.

Pakistan was not ready for this.

The attack was carried out on the Indian side on the night of 4/5 December. The entire operation was conducted by the Indian Navy under Admiral Kasaragoda Pattanshetti Gopal Rao.

Pakistan was not prepared to respond as it was focusing only on the land border between India and Pakistan.

Pakistan retreated.

Hundreds of Pakistani soldiers were killed in an overnight attack during Operation Trident.

Pakistani forces were not only discouraged by the attack but retreated because West Pakistan could no longer provide assistance to East Pakistan, which played a decisive role in the war.

The turning point in the war.

However, contrary to Pakistan’s expectations, India did not get a chance to recover as it was surprised and pushed back by India with the help of its navy.

Moreover, as a result of the Indian naval strategy, West Pakistan could not provide any support to East Pakistan through its fleet.

Navy Day Date Changed.

It was because of Operation Trident that the Indian Navy changed its traditions.

Previously, the Korean Navy celebrated December 15th as Navy Day. And before that, after the Great Patriotic War, it was December 1st.

However, after the war, it was decided to celebrate Navy Day on December 4th and Navy Week from December 1st to 7th.

Operation Trident demonstrates the undeniable importance of the fleet in any war. There is no doubt that the importance of the navy has increased significantly in India over the past few years.

Surprisingly, Ladakh, Doklam, and other land border issues seem to be major sources of tension between India and China.

However, in terms of the global scenario, China is increasing its dominance in the Indian Ocean. In this situation, the importance of the Indian Navy becomes even greater.

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