Indian Air Force To Get Three More Rafale Fighter Aircraft

Indian Air Force to get three more Rafale fighter aircraft tomorrow, five jets have already arrived in India. The Indian Air Force will get three more Rafale fighter jets on November 4.

The three Rafale aircraft will reach India without stopping en route after flying from France. Sources said that during the long flight from France’s airbase to Jamnagar in Gujarat.

The French Air Force air-fueled aircraft will also accompany. The first fleet of five Rafale aircraft from French company Dassault Aviation arrived in India on 29 July.

The fleet halted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) after flying from France. India has tied up with France to buy 36 Rafale aircraft for Rs 59,000 crore.

Rafael aircraft is the game-changer: Rajnath Singh

Indian Air Force pilots are being trained in France in separate batches for Rafale. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh described the Rafale aircraft as game-changers on the occasion of inducting the fleet into the Air Force.

He said that the Air Force along with Rafael has acquired an edge in the level of technology.

It is a fighter aircraft equipped with the latest weapons and superior sensors. Half of these aircraft are to be placed at Ambala airbase and a half at Hashimara airbase in West Bengal.

Rafale aircraft are equipped with many features. This is the reason why it is included in some of the world’s strongest fighter jets. Let’s know its merits.

This aircraft is capable of reaching speeds of 1800 kmph.

The enemy cannot escape from Rafael’s surefire target. Rafael weighs 10 tonnes without payload. On the other hand, if it flies with the missile, it can weigh up to 25 tonnes.

Rafale aircraft can take many missiles with them.

The most dangerous missile in the Rafale aircraft is the Meteo beyond Visual Range AIR to Air Missile, which can carry out the air-to-air fire.

Rafale aircraft are capable of flying over the Himalayas even in extremely cold weather. This type of capability is not there in every fighter aircraft.

Rafale aircraft are equipped with stealth technology. This means that it has the power to dodge enemy radars.

These aircraft will now also be equipped with Hammer missiles. The specialty of these missiles is that if any fighter aircraft appears in the No Scape Zone, then this aircraft will also be able to kill them.

India has installed Hammer missiles according to its requirement. This means Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range Missile. They are used for short distances.

These missiles can prove to be effective from the sky to the ground. HAMMER is mainly used to destroy bunkers or some hidden places.

Rafael can go up to a height of 18 thousand meters in a minute. In this sense, it is better than Pakistan’s F-16 or China’s J-20.

The combat radius of this aircraft is 3700 km. is. This means that it can return from its flying place by attacking so far.

This aircraft has the ability to refuel in the air, so it can travel more distance at the same time.

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