Indian Warship Took Oil From US Navy Tanker In Between The Sea

Indian warship took oil from US Navy tanker in between the sea, for the first time under the agreement. The navies of India and the United States, on mutual cooperation, exchanged fuel in the middle of the sea on Monday.

Indian warship INS Talwar is currently stationed in the North Arabian Sea, while it received oil from the US Navy tanker USNS Yukon. This transaction of fuel has happened for the first time due to the agreement reached in 2016 between the two countries.

The strategic facilities transaction was signed between India and the US in 2016. Under this agreement, the two countries can use each other’s air force and naval bases.

You can take the help of food, fuel, equipment, etc. Can and should help in repairing defense equipment. India has also signed similar agreements with France, Singapore, Australia, and Japan.

This agreement with Japan is already done two days ago. Under another agreement with the US in 2018, the two armies of the two countries can work together in all kinds of matters.

Can give and take high-tech weapons to each other. Techniques can also transfer. In July itself, the Indian Navy manned the US aircraft carrier, USS Nimitz, near the Andaman-Nicobar Islands. Nimitz is the largest and powerful sea fleet in the world.

This fleet equipped with nuclear weapons also has several cruisers and destroyers with guided missiles. The incident took place at a time when tensions between Indian and Chinese armies in East Ladakh remain intact.

Recently, the five-point plan was agreed between the Foreign Ministers of India and China in Moscow to resolve the deadlock on the border, but there is still no initiative from China.

However, the Chinese Ambassador in Delhi has said that the withdrawal of troops from both countries is extremely important.

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