Karnataka Oxygen Shortage: More Than 20 Deaths

Karnataka oxygen shortage: More than 20 deaths occured due to oxygen shortage, CM Yeddyurappa calls emergency cabinet meeting.

The situation is very bad in Karnataka due to Covid-19 epidemic. The news of deaths due to shortage of oxygen is also coming from Karnataka. On Monday, 24 patients died at Chamarajanagar District Hospital.

This information was given by district in-charge Suresh Kumar. He said, ’24 patients died due to lack of oxygen and other reasons in Chamarajanagar District Hospital in the last 24 hours.

Among them were corona patients. We are waiting for the death audit report. ‘

Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa spoke to Chamarajanagar district collector on the matter and called an emergency cabinet tax meeting on Tuesday.

Due to the second wave of epidemic, the total number of infected people in Karnataka has crossed 16 lakhs till Sunday. In one day 37,733 new cases of infection were reported here.

At this time the total number of infected in the state has increased to 16,01,865 with 4,21,436 active cases and 11,64,398 people have defeated Corona.

The number of people discharged from the hospital in the last 24 hours is 21,149. On Saturday, 26,199 new cases were registered at the infection center, Bengaluru.

Oxygen Crisis in India: truth of medical oxygen business, need of national will.

Union Health Minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan announced about two and a half months from today, “New cases of Covid have not been reported in 20 percent of the districts of India in the last seven days.

It seems that we have stabilized the curve of Covid. ”The daily cases of infection which reached the peak of 97 thousand last year had come down to less than nine thousand, but by the coming April.

Things changed dramatically and turned into an unprecedented disaster.

A huge national resolution was needed to deal with the crisis in this poor condition, but the oxygen shortage deaths in Delhi took the entire system in such a fire of emotions that all the facts and arguments became irrelevant.

Conversely, misleading facts have turned public discourse in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, complaints of profiteers became very common.

Due to lack of oxygen, the first deaths started in corporate hospitals of Delhi. Due to this epidemic, these hospitals made huge profits, especially last year, they cut a lot of silver.

This is also confirmed by their operational data. This showed that for the week-long treatment of Covid, the hospitals collected an amount equal to the annual income of the common Indian.

It does not include the cost of investigation. A writ petition was filed in the Supreme Court against this robbery.

Members of the Health Service Providers Association (AHP) and FICCI agreed to the self-regulation by that petition. Now look at the condition of self-regulation as well.

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