New Caledonia Will Not Be Separated From France

New Caledonia will not be separated from France, voted against the independence referendum. New Caledonia will be no different from France. In the referendum for independence on Sunday, people voted against it.

If the people here had supported independence, France would have left the largest import area in the Pacific. The special thing is that China is increasing its dominance in this region.

This decision also hurt the colonial pride of France, which once had access to the Caribbean Sea, large parts of Africa, Asia, and the Pacific. New Caledonia is part of France since 1853 and is a remote island region of the southwestern Pacific.

People took an active part in the voting. 85.6 percent of the people cast their votes in 304 polling stations. 53.26 percent of the people voted against independence from France.

New Caledonia has not long had a settlement on the issue of separation from France. In 2018, a referendum was held on this issue, but even then people had expressed their opinion against separation from France.

The region is an island chain located 1200 km east of Australia. It is 20 thousand km from the French capital Paris. The island region enjoys a considerable degree of autonomy, but it relies heavily on France on issues such as defense and education.

In fact, this referendum year is being held in 1998 under an agreement between France, Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front, and anti-independence leaders.

The reasons why the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute disappeared from the American agenda 20 years ago

It is not that these days no earlier attempts were made to settle the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute as a battleground. The United States made a major effort 20 years ago to settle the dispute and bring peace here, hoping that the dispute between Armenia and Azerbaijan would be fully resolved after the US mediation.

The US also invited the two countries to Florida for talks, but in the meantime, on 11 September 2001, the terrorist organization Al Qaeda attacked in the US, this was the biggest terrorist attack in US history.

More than 3000 people were killed and billions of rupees were lost in this attack. Since that attack, the matter has been removed from the American agenda, which has not been resolved until now.

On the other hand, the US continued to handle itself after the loss from the terrorist attack. Now Corona caused havoc all over the world, in the meantime, the matter is hot again

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