NIA Unravels Bellary Module: Eight IS Militants Arrested In Inter-State Operations

NIA Unravels Bellary Module: Eight IS Militants Arrested in Inter-State Operations.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) unravels Bellary module and arrested eight ISIS militants in coordinated operations across Delhi, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

The terrorists aimed to recruit students for jihadist activities, with recovered materials hinting at plans for terror attacks. Learn more about the NIA’s successful efforts to dismantle this inter-state module.

NIA: Police carried out operations in these four states and apprehended eight IS militants who were involved in turning students into Mujahideen.

NIA Unravels Bellary Module: NIA has busted the inter-state module linked to IS and arrested eight terrorists.

In the raids conducted with the help of state police at 19 locations in four states, a large quantity of materials and explosives, electronic equipment and other documents related to making IEDs have been recovered.

The organization of modules was spread in Delhi, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, and Karnataka.

NIA has named it the Bellary module, which used to move understudies of the nation over to become Mujahideen for fear-based oppressor assaults.

A senior NIA official said that an FIR was enrolled on December 14 in the wake of getting data about the Bellary module of IS working in a few states.

From that point forward, with the assistance of Jharkhand, Delhi, Maharashtra, and Karnataka police, the exercises of individuals related to the module began being firmly checked.

NIA strikes as a team with state police at 19 spots in four states.

On Monday morning he visited Bellary and Bengaluru in Karnataka; Assaults were led at areas in Amravati, Pune, and Mumbai in Maharashtra, Bokaro, and Jamshedpur in Jharkhand and Delhi.

In light of coordination with the state police and precise data about the psychological oppressors, eight fear mongers including the module chief Minaj moniker Suleman (from Bellary) were captured.

Other captured psychological militants include Syed Sameer from Bellary, Anas Iqbal Shaikh from Mumbai, Mohammad Muniruddin, Syed Samiullah pseudonym Sami and Muhammad Muzammil from Bengaluru, Shayan Rehman moniker Hussain from Delhi and Mohammad Shahbaz nom de plume Zulfikar assumed name Guddu from Jamshedpur.

As per the NIA official, the goal of the module was to prepare youth in India for IS jihad. The archives connected with Mujahideen enlistment conveyed among the school youth vouch for this.

The psychological oppressors of the module, notwithstanding living in four states, stayed in contact with one another through encoded applications.

Enormous amounts of sulfur, potassium nitrate, charcoal, black powder, sugar, ethanol, and sharp weapons have been recuperated from their refuges.

It is obvious from the cell phones and computerized gadgets found with them that these things were gathered to make IEDs.

The module endeavored to spread its organization across the nation and do psychological militant goes after soon.

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