Pakistan’s New Army Chief Asim Munir, An Expert In The Anti-India Campaign

Pakistan’s New Army Chief Asim Munir, an expert in the anti-India campaign, had differences with Imran after the airstrike.

After the announcement of the name of the new Army Chief in Pakistan, it is believed that the ongoing politics on this will also stop now.

Now the command of the army in Pakistan will be in the hands of Lieutenant General Asim Munir. PM Shahbaz Sharif has put a final stamp on his name after deliberations.

Information Minister Maryam Aurangzeb has informed that Shamshad Mirza has been appointed as Joint Chief of Staff Committee.

They will work to coordinate between the three forces. General Mirza, PM and National Command Authority. KK will also be the military advisor.

Awaiting President’s assent.

Now it has to be seen whether the names suggested by the PM are approved by the President or not.

Meanwhile, Imran Khan has expressed the hope that the President will definitely consult him before taking any decision in this regard.

Please tell that the tenure of General Qamar Javed Bajwa is ending on 29 November. He was about to retire in 2019, but the then PM Imran Khan gave him an extension of three years.

Pakistan’s New Army Chief Asim Munir: He was promoted as Major General in 2018.

As far as Lieutenant General Munir is concerned, let us tell you that he was made Major General in the year 2018. He will complete the rank of Lieutenant General on 27 November.

General Munir had joined the Army under the Officers Training School program at Mangala. He was commissioned into the Frontier Force Regiment.

General Munir, while leading the force command in the northern sector, came close to the retiring General Bajwa.

At that time Munir was in the rank of brigadier and General Bajwa was the commander of X Corps.


Short tenure as ISI chief.

In the year 2017, General Munir was made the Director General of Military Intelligence, and the very next year he was appointed the head of the ISI.

However, he remained on this post only for 8 months. He was later replaced by Lieutenant General Faiz Hamid as the head of the intelligence agency and Munir was transferred as Gujranwala Corps Commander.

After staying in this post for two years, he got posted in General Headquarters. A major reason behind making General Asim Munir the army chief is his understanding and strategy on Kashmir.

Apart from this, he has also played an important role in settling bilateral issues between the two countries.

Anti-India strategy.

General Munir, who specializes in anti-India strategy, played an important role in formulating anti-India strategy after the Pulwama attack.

Its complete details were prepared by General Munir himself. At that time he was leading the decision-making team against India.

The steps taken by Pakistan after the Balakot strike in Pakistan are also considered to be the decision of General Munir.

However, during this time he also had an estrangement with then PM Imran Khan and for this reason, he was removed from the post of ISI chief. It is also said that PML-N was in his support long back.

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