Pope Francis Slams Russia For Attacking Ukraine, Compares War To Stalin’s 1930s Famine

Pope Francis slams Russia for attacking Ukraine and compares war to Stalin’s 1930s famine.

Pope Francis on Wednesday compared Russia’s war in Ukraine to the “horrible genocide” of the 1930s when Soviet leader Joseph Stalin caused famine in the country.

Francis, speaking to thousands of people in St Peter’s Square in his weekly general audience, referred to the “Holodomor”, or death by starvation, that killed millions of Ukrainians.

“This Saturday is the anniversary of the horrifying Holodomor genocide that was artificially caused by Stalin,” he said.

“Let us pray for the victims of this genocide and pray for so many people in Ukraine, including children, women, the elderly, who are today martyrs of aggression,” he said.

Pope Francis slams Russia for attacking Ukraine: Russia had suppressed the Ukrainian language and any expression of Ukrainian culture and independent identity for hundreds of years.

The Holodomor was the result of Stalin’s efforts to collectivize agriculture and root out Ukraine’s nascent nationalist movement.

Since Russia invaded its neighbor in February, Francis has mentioned Ukraine in almost all of his public appearances.

He has warned several times that the risk of a crisis triggering the use of nuclear weapons is one with unmanageable global consequences.

Last month, the Pope for the first time directly begged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the “spiral of violence and death” in Ukraine.


Zelensky claims Russian missiles damaged Ukraine’s power plants; millions of people live in the dark.

Russia has now intensified its attacks on Ukraine. Russian missiles attacked several places in Ukraine on Tuesday.

Ukrainian President Zelensky reported that Russian missile attacks caused several reactors at two Ukrainian power plants to shut down spontaneously.

Millions of people have to live without electricity. Kyiv said it was the deadliest barrage of missile attacks in nearly nine months of the war.

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